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If you feel that your insurance claim was unfairly denied by your insurance company, first contact the company to ensure that your claim was not denied in error. Occasionally, a simple clerical error is the source of the problem.

If the insurance company assures you that the denial was not made in error, and you still feel that the denial is unfair, you should contact a qualified lawyer immediately for a review of your claim.

Some insurance companies may seek to obtain statements from you that will validate their decision to refuse payment on a claim, even when the denial is unfair. For this reason, it is both unnecessary and unadvisable to contact your insurance company repeatedly to discuss your claim with them.

In addition, there may be a time limit for the final resolution of your claim. By letting the insurance company drag out the discussion, you may be losing time to formally challenge the denial of your claim.

A consultation with an experienced insurance claim dispute lawyer will help you find the most effective way to challenge the denial.

Whenever possible, document the cause for your claim with photos and written descriptions. You should also take notes on all conversations you have with your insurance company and keep a copy of all written or electronic communications.

At LaGarde Law, we offer contingency fee insurance claim dispute services — meaning that we receive a percentage of the settlement payout rather than charge an hourly fee. If you have an insurance claim that you feel has been unfairly denied, contact LaGarde Law today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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