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Landowners with valuable resources under their feet usually do not have the means to mine those resources themselves. In order to profit from their good fortune, they grant mineral rights to a mining company.

Mineral rights are the legal authority to extract and use minerals beneath the surface of a particular plot of land. “Minerals,” in this case, most often refer to oil, gas, and coal. A landowner may assume that they have mineral rights to their own land, and that is usually the case. But in fact, ownership of mineral rights and ownership of the land itself may be conveyed separately.

Mineral rights contracts are quite complex, and, unfortunately, disputes between landowners and mineral rights holders are not uncommon. If you are contacted by a company interested in obtaining mineral rights to your land, or if you are involved in a dispute with such a company, it is very important to contact an attorney experienced in these complex contracts. Those at the LaGarde Law Firm can help.

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