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GTECH Files Mandamus and Motion for Continuance

GTECH Corporation, (n/k/a IGT Global Solutions) has filed a Petition for Mandamus and a Motion for Continuance in the Fun 5’s lottery lawsuit pending in Austin, TX.

A Petition for Mandamus is an action in which a party asks a court of appeals to overturn an order of the trial court.

In this case, the Honorable Amy Clark Meachum ruled that GTECH must produce to Plaintiffs and Intervenors various emails between employees of GTECH that made reference to the Fun 5’s lottery tickets. GTECH claimed the emails were protected by the work product privilege and should not be turned over to Plaintiffs and Intervenors.

A copy of the Mandamus Petition can be read below:


GTECH filed a Motion for Continuance arguing that the upcoming bellwether trial set for April 24, 2023 should be delayed until after the Austin Court of Appeals rules on GTECH’s Petition for Mandamus. A copy of the Motion for Continuance can be read below:


At a docket call held today, Judge Meachum declined to rule on the Motion for Continuance and informed the parties that she would hear arguments on the Continuance motion on the morning of April 24th before jury selection.

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