Oil and gas exploration and production is a high-stakes business that often involves complex contracts among many parties, including landowners and drilling companies. When things do not go as planned, disputes often arise over the terms of leases and liability for damages. To protect your rights, you need a law firm with experience in oil and gas disputes.

Lease disputes

One issue that is quite common is a dispute over lease terms between a landowner or leaseholder and an oil or gas production or drilling company. In some cases, the parties may disagree over whether a lease allows the production company to deduct expenses for post-production costs before paying oil or gas royalties. In other cases, fraud or misrepresentation allegations may arise regarding statements that a party made about the productivity of a well or the value of a lease.

Disputes that arise from unplanned obstructions

Other disputes arise when oil or gas exploration or production does not go as planned. Breach of contract claims may arise if a company agrees to drill a well and does not follow through. In situations involving decommissioned wells, parties often disagree over which party is responsible for the costs of plugging and decommissioning a well. Co-owned acreage and jointly developed oilfields may lead to disputes regarding the apportionment of revenues.

International arbitration

Large-scale exploration and production, especially on an international level, carries with it another set of potential legal issues. Oil exploration that involves entities from different countries may lead to international arbitration. Industrial accidents may result in government investigations. And, in the event of injuries or other damages that may occur related to an oil or gas well, there is often a dispute among the parties over liability and insurance exposure.

These disputes should be handled by attorneys who know oil and gas cases. The LaGarde Law Firm has extensive knowledge and experience in all oil and gas issues and can represent your interests in such a way that disputes are avoided whenever possible, and if they do occur, your interests are protected to the fullest extent possible.

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