“Shark Tank” Star to be Deposed in Ponzi Scheme Case.

A Florida federal judge has ordered Mark Cuban, the billionaire star of “Shark Tank” and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, to be deposed in a proposed class action. The proposed lawsuit accuses Cuban of promoting an alleged Ponzi scheme by Voyager Digital Holdings, a cryptocurrency brokerage. Investors say the company conned them out of billions. I […]

Dry Shampoo Products Recalled Due to Benzene and Its Link to Leukemia

I’m a six-year survivor of AML leukemia thanks to the doctors, nurses, and researchers at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. As a trial lawyer and a leukemia survivor, I am keenly aware that exposure to benzene has a strong causal association with leukemia. Lately, many consumer spray products containing benzene have been recalled […]

Court Rejects GTECH’s Opposition to Mediation

GTECH filed an opposition to the court-ordered settlement mediation conference in Steele et al. v. GTECH Corporation. In summary, GTECH argued that a mediation at this stage, given the large number of plaintiffs and the large amount of money at stake, would not be a worthwhile use of time. The Court rejected GTECH’s argument and […]

Port of Houston Not Immune From Injury Suit

The 14th Court of Appeals in Houston has ruled that the Port of Houston Authority can’t claim sovereign immunity to avoid liability in a personal injury lawsuit. The suit arises out of the collision between a gantry crane operated by an employee of the Port of Houston and a truck driven by an independent truck […]

Medicaid Lien on Future Expenses Complicates Injury Settlements

The United States Supreme Court recently decided Gallardo et al. v. Marstiller, an opinion that changes the way Medicaid liens may be calculated in personal injury settlements and judgments. In a seven to two opinion, the Justices held that Medicaid may seek recovery not only of past medical expenses paid on behalf of a Plaintiff, […]

Lottery Players Defrauded by Jamaican Citizen

A Jamaican citizen was extradited to the United States and pled guilty to defrauding elderly U.S. citizens out of between $150,000 and $200,000. Greg Warren Clarke, age 29, worked with a co-conspirator in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The two of them phoned victims to inform them that they had won a big lottery prize. They instructed […]

Sexual Assault Suit Against Norwegian Cruise Lines Settled

A cruise passenger filed a lawsuit in Florida federal court against Norwegian Cruise Lines. She alleged that she returned to her cabin and found a crewmember making her bed. He allegedly forced her to perform oral sex on him. As I wrote in a recent post, under maritime law, cruise lines are strictly liable for […]

Tesla Only 1% to Blame for Crash and Fire

A Florida jury found that Tesla was only 1% to blame for a crash and battery fire of a Tesla Model S that took the lives of an 18 year old and his friend. The teen was driving 116 mph in a curve with a speed limit of 25 mph when he lost control and […]

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