GTECH Files Mandamus and Motion for Continuance

GTECH Corporation, (n/k/a IGT Global Solutions) has filed a Petition for Mandamus and a Motion for Continuance in the Fun 5’s lottery lawsuit pending in Austin, TX. A Petition for Mandamus is an action in which a party asks a court of appeals to overturn an order of the trial court. In this case, the […]

Judge Orders GTECH to Produce Documents

The Honorable Amy Clark Meachum, presiding judge in the 201st Judicial District Court in Travis County, Texas, has ordered GTECH (n/k/a IGT Global Solutions) to produce documents to the plaintiffs and intervenors in Steele et al. v GTECH Corporation. The lawsuit involves over one thousand lottery players in Texas who purchased Fun 5’s scratch-off tickets […]

Court Rejects GTECH’s Opposition to Mediation

GTECH filed an opposition to the court-ordered settlement mediation conference in Steele et al. v. GTECH Corporation. In summary, GTECH argued that a mediation at this stage, given the large number of plaintiffs and the large amount of money at stake, would not be a worthwhile use of time. The Court rejected GTECH’s argument and […]

Lottery Players Defrauded by Jamaican Citizen

A Jamaican citizen was extradited to the United States and pled guilty to defrauding elderly U.S. citizens out of between $150,000 and $200,000. Greg Warren Clarke, age 29, worked with a co-conspirator in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The two of them phoned victims to inform them that they had won a big lottery prize. They instructed […]

Court Issues Docket Control Order in Fun 5’s Case

The Austin trial court has issued a Docket Control Order (DCO) in the Texas Lottery Fun 5’s lawsuit. The DCO sets deadlines and the trial date for the first bellwether lawsuit. The lawsuit was brought by approximately 1,000 lottery players whose scratch-off tickets indicated they should win a prize. GTECH (now known as IGT) is […]

Court Denies GTECH’s Motion and Resets Trial Date

Hundreds of Texas lottery players sued GTECH Corporation, (n/k/a IGT Global Solutions Corporation), the operator of the Texas Lottery, for fraud. GTECH’s representations led the players to believe that if their Fun 5’s scratch-off ticket revealed a Money Bag symbol, they would win five times the amount shown in the Prize Box. In fact, GTECH […]

Legal Teams Preparing for First Bellwether Trial in Fun 5’s Lottery Lawsuit Against GTECH (n/k/a/ International Game Technology)

The legal teams for the players and for GTECH have begun preparing for the first Fun 5’s bellwether trial in Austin scheduled for April 25, 2022. The lawsuit was filed by hundreds of Texas lottery players who were led to believe, by the instructions printed on the tickets, that they would receive a prize if […]

GTECH Files Traditional Motion for Summary Judgment in Lottery Fun 5’s Case

GTECH has filed a motion for summary judgment in the lawsuit pending against it in the Travis County District Court. The lawsuit was brought by many hundreds of lottery players who contend that GTECH fraudulently represented that they would win a prize if their Fun 5’s scratch-off ticket revealed a Money Bag symbol. GTECH contends […]

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