Supreme Court Orders Oral Arguments in Fun 5’s Lawsuit

The Texas Supreme Court issued an order this morning requiring the attorneys who represent the lottery players and the attorneys who represent GTECH (now known as IGT) to appear before the Court on December 3, 2019 to present oral arguments. The oral arguments will be videotaped and will be available for the public to watch […]

Plaintiffs in Fun 5’s Lawsuit File Their Brief on the Merits

Plaintiffs in the Fun 5’s lawsuit in Texas filed their Respondents’ Brief on the Merits  today.  In their 61 page brief, attorneys for the Plaintiffs argue that GTECH (now known as IGT) is not entitled to derivative sovereign immunity.  GTECH claims it was just following orders when it printed scratch-off lottery tickets with instructions that falsely […]

Briefing Schedule in Steele et al. v. GTECH

The current briefing schedule in the Texas Supreme Court is as follows: Respondents’ (Plaintiffs’) Brief on the Merits is due on February 19, 2019; Petitioner’s (GTECH) Reply Brieff is due March 6, 2019. Once those briefs are filed, the Supreme Court may decide to grant GTECH’s Petition for Review, it may decide to deny the […]

GTECH Files Brief on the Merits in Fun 5’s Appeal

GTECH filed a 157 page brief on the merits in the Steele et. al v. GTECH, Inc. lawsuit pending in the Texas Supreme Court.  In its brief, GTECH argues that the Supreme Court should grant GTECH’s petition for review.  GTECH wants the Supreme Court to overturn the Austin Court of Appeals’ decision that allowed approximately […]

Supreme Court Requests Briefs in Nettles’ Fun 5’s Lawsuit

The Texas Supreme Court issued a Request for Briefs on the Merits in the Dawn Nettles lawsuit against GTECH this evening.  Ms. Nettles sued GTECH in Dallas.  The Dallas trial judge ruled that GTECH was immune from suit for fraud.  The Dallas Court of Appeals agreed with the Dallas trial court and ruled that GTECH cannot […]

No News from Supreme Court in Fun 5’s Case

Many lottery players hoped that the Texas Supreme Court would render a decision this month on whether to grant or deny GTECH’s Petition for Review in the Fun 5’s case.  It appears unlikely that a decision will be handed down this month.  The Court’s calendar shows that the last conference for the members of the […]

Lottery Players File Response to GTECH’s Petition for Review

At the request of the Texas Supreme Court, the appellate attorneys for the lottery players have filed a Response to Petition for Review.  The Response outlines why the players believe the Supreme Court should not grant a review of the Austin court of appeals’ opinion in favor of the players. Where do we stand? By way […]

What are the Chances the Supreme Court Will Grant GTECH’s Petition for Review?

GTECH has asked the Texas Supreme Court to review and reverse the Austin Court of Appeals’ opinion in the Fun 5’s lawsuit.  The Austin court’s opinion held that GTECH can be sued for fraud.  The Austin court rejected GTECH’s argument that it should be immune from suit.  GTECH’s Petition for Review is currently pending before […]

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