Two dead, one injured in Mitchell County oilfield electrocution

On August 20, a team of three Texan oilfield workers were removing a pump jack when one of its cables struck a power line overhead. The connection electrocuted Laban Robokoff, 24, and Harvey McKinney, 36, killing them both. CPR was performed, but they were pronounced dead enroute to the hospital. Steven McKinney, 32, Harvey McKinney’s […]

Texas Supreme Court will hear oil royalties case

The Texas Supreme Court has agreed to hear a long-running oil royalties dispute. The case in question concerns a landowner’s claim of fraud — and how that claim might affect the statute of limitations for bringing claims against a driller. Charles Hooks III’s land lease required Samson Lone Star LP to pay him if it […]

Fraud in the Oil Patch – Oil and Gas Investors Should Be Wary

The United States is experiencing an oil boom.  As with every boom, hucksters are busy designing clever schemes to steal money from eager oil and gas investors. Federal officials recently accused Halek Energy, LLC with swindling 300 investors out of nearly $22 million in a Texas oil and gas project.  The company’s CEO, Jason Halek, […]

Texas Oil Companies with Repeated Safety Violations Escape OSHA Severe Violators List

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) maintains a list of U.S. employers with severe and/or repeated violations of safety regulations: the Severe Violator Enforcement Program (SVEP). A major investigation by the Houston Chronicle revealed that several Texas oil companies with repeat violations and multiple fatal accidents in recent years have somehow avoided inclusion in […]

Low Natural Gas Prices Result in Drastic Cut in Drilling Programs

Chesapeake Energy has joined other major natural gas producers in announcing that it will slash its budget for drilling new wells due to low gas prices. Many producers entered into long term day-rate contracts for drilling rigs and now find themselves with no need for the rigs. Look for increased litigation over the meaning of […]

Can Texas courts decide cases involving oil and gas properties located in another state or country?

Determining whether a Texas court has jurisdiction (i.e., the authority to preside) over a lawsuit related to real property situated outside of Texas can be a challenging endeavor due to the fact that Texas cases on the issue can be very confusing.  However, the general principles outlined below are helpful in determining whether Texas courts […]

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