Can an Invoice/Packing Slip Bind a Consumer to Arbitrate?

What happens if you order a product and the invoice/packing slip includes an arbitration agreement? Have you lost your right to a jury trial if there is a dispute about the product? According to the Houston 1st Court of Appeals, the answer is probably no. The case involves a consumer who purchased coins during a […]

Firm Wins Florida Breach of Contract Arbitration

LaGarde Law Firm won a $690,000 award for a client in a Florida arbitration action. Our client was an individual financial consultant. On the other side was a publicly traded financial technology (“FinTech”) company. Our client had a consulting contract with the company. The contract called for him to receive a stock warrant entitling him […]

Florida Arbitration Award Vacated Due to Deposition Texting

One of the side effects of the Covid pandemic is that attorneys have been forced to rely on remote depositions. In a normal deposition, both sides’ attorneys, the court reporter, and the witness are located in the same room. That makes it difficult for a third party to coach the witness or provide the witness […]

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