Port of Houston Not Immune From Injury Suit

The 14th Court of Appeals in Houston has ruled that the Port of Houston Authority can’t claim sovereign immunity to avoid liability in a personal injury lawsuit. The suit arises out of the collision between a gantry crane operated by an employee of the Port of Houston and a truck driven by an independent truck […]

Medicaid Lien on Future Expenses Complicates Injury Settlements

The United States Supreme Court recently decided Gallardo et al. v. Marstiller, an opinion that changes the way Medicaid liens may be calculated in personal injury settlements and judgments. In a seven to two opinion, the Justices held that Medicaid may seek recovery not only of past medical expenses paid on behalf of a Plaintiff, […]

Texas Nursing Home May Be Liable for Covid Death

A Texas federal judge ruled that a nursing home that refused to follow recommended Covid prevention measures may be held liable for the death of a resident. The nursing home claimed it was immune from suit because of a statute that grants immunity to companies that respond to a national public health emergency. The federal […]

Supreme Court Rules that Maintenance Company Should Face Trial in Texas Helicopter Crash Case

The families of servicemembers killed in a helicopter crash during Navy exercises sued the private contractor responsible for maintaining the helicopter under the Death on the High Seas Act and general maritime law. A state court trial judge in Texas dismissed the suit and ruled that the lawsuit must be dismissed under the political question […]

FAQ’s – Back Injury Lawsuits

Back¬†Injury If your back or spine has been injured through the fault of another, you need an experienced and respected¬†attorney to help get you the money you deserve. ¬†Here are some questions that our clients often ask: How¬†do I¬†Choose the Right Back¬†Injury Lawyer for My¬†Case?   Richard LaGarde has over thirty-three¬†years of successful experience representing […]

FAQ’s – Brain Injury Lawsuits

Why are Traumatic¬†Brain Injuries Called the “Silent Epidemic”? Traumatic brain injuries are often called the “silent epidemic” because so many people have suffered brain injuries and because so many¬†of the victims¬†look perfectly normal even though¬†their lives have been changed forever by their injury. Brain injury is suffered by someone in America every 15 seconds; Approximately […]

In Houston, appellate court upholds twenty-four million dollar judgement over radioactive land

On July 24, the First Court of Appeals in Houston refused to throw out a $24.5 million award made against Forest Oil Corp. as part of a legal battle that stretches back to 2004. Ten years ago, James McAllen, owner of McAllen Ranch in Santillana, sued Forest Oil Corp. Forest had contracted use of the […]

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