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  • Why a Contingent Attorney’s Fee Agreement May Save Your Business Money.

LaGarde Law Firm offers a contingency fee arrangement for business litigation, allowing businesses to receive legal representation without shouldering the costs up front. With a contingency fee arrangement, rather than being compensated with an hourly or per-case fee, we carry the costs of litigation initially and accept a percentage of the settlement as payment. In addition to our fee, we are also reimbursed for court costs and other expenses that we have incurred on the client’s behalf.

Business lawsuits handled on a contingent fee often involve issues such as breach of contract, theft of trade secrets, unfair competition, fraud, shareholder disputes, shareholder litigation,

The contingency model is a mainstay of personal injury law, but is not typically applied to business disputes, such as litigation over breach of contract, financial fraud and breach of fiduciary duty. At LaGarde Law Firm, we understand that many business disputes can be prohibitively expensive to litigate even when your case is strong, which is why we take on the costs and risks of litigation with you.

Businesses in Texas and Florida can use contingent fees to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in up front attorney’s fees

Traditional business litigation fee structures often entail hundreds of thousands of dollars in up-front legal fees, with no guarantee of success. At the same time, hours billed, rather than cases won, becomes a metric of productivity for attorneys. In some cases, the cost of litigation may end up exceeding the cost of the hours billed. Hourly billing is especially limiting for small businesses in dispute with larger corporations, who may be unable to seek recourse without business contingency fee legal services.

Your lawyer has a strong incentive to achieve maximum results as quickly as possible.

Operating on a contingency basis means that we have a strong incentive to obtain the greatest recovery possible as quickly as possible. As a contingency fee law firm, we only get paid when we get results. This also means that we are confident in the merit of the cases we accept.

Business contingency fees are determined on a case by case basis. The expected costs of litigation and the level of risk associated with the case are the most influential factors.

In many situations, business disputes are able to be settled outside of court- even when a lawsuit is filed. An experienced attorney can help you to try to negotiate with those who you are involved in a dispute with to see if a settlement can be reached.  If a settlement cannot be reached, it is important to hire an attorney with a successful trial record.

If your business has sustained damages as a result of wrongdoing on the part of another person or business, consulting with a skilled attorney is the first step to getting compensation. LaGarde Law Firm is home to experienced business litigation attorneys who provide legal services on a contingency fee basis in Texas and Florida.  Call our Houston, TX office (713) 993-0660 or our Naples, FL office (239) 500-6040 today for a free consultation.


This article is meant to provide general informational for educational purposes only.  It is not offered as legal advice upon which anyone may rely. The law is different from state to state.  The law changes. You should contact an attorney before taking any legal action.  This firm does not represent you unless and until a Letter of Engagement is signed by you and this firm.

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