Disputes over insurance claims are unfortunately quite common. Individuals and businesses often believe that a particular situation is covered by their insurance policy only to find that the insurer denies their claim. In such a situation, you may need legal counsel or representation, and you should turn to a law firm with extensive experience in such matters, such as the LaGarde Law Firm.

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It is frustrating for policyholders to have an insurance claim denied. After suffering a personal or business loss, the last thing you should have to worry about is having a claim denied, especially when you have done the responsible thing by maintaining an insurance policy and diligently paying premiums. Unfortunately, the simple fact is that your financial interests and the financial interests of the insurance company are at odds. Insurers make more money when more claims are denied, and this motive often leads companies to deny claims that should in fact be approved.

Insurance policies are complex legal documents that contain many provisions that can be difficult to understand for someone not trained in the law. Insurance policies typically contain many exclusions, which are often the source of disputes. An insurance company may argue that a particular situation falls under one of the policy’s exclusions, when from the point of view of the policyholder, it does not.

We stand on the side of policyholders

At the LaGarde Law Firm, we have years of experience fighting for the rights of insurance policyholders. When you consult with us about your rights, we will begin with a thorough review of your policy and the facts of the situation that led to your claim. We will then give you our assessment of what your rights are. If we believe that the denial of your claim was in error, then we can advise you on the best way to proceed. Usually, by the time a policyholder consults with an attorney, the possibility of them resolving the situation themselves has passed. It may be time to have the LaGarde Law Firm represent your interests, including taking legal action to get your claim paid.

One thing that it is important for clients to know is that insurance claims have their own legal complexities, and your interests are best represented by a firm that knows insurance cases. Insurance companies hire very experienced insurance defense attorneys to represent them, and your attorney should be their match. An insurance company will make settlement decisions in part on their assessment of the strength of your case and the skill of your attorney. When you hire the LaGarde Law Firm, you hire attorneys with the skills and knowledge to win your case.

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