You purchase insurance to ensure that your business will have the ability to survive unanticipated catastrophes or lawsuits, paying premiums to mitigate the risks inherent in running a business. Property insurance, professional liability insurance and product liability insurance are especially common and valuable forms of business insurance.

Insurance coverage disputes arise when the insurance provider denies coverage for a claim that the policyholder believed would be covered. Insurance policies are typically not all-inclusive, but instead contain exclusions which exempt a range of situations from being covered. The insurance provider may claim that the events fall under one of the exemptions, while the policyholder believes that the claim should not be exempt from coverage.

Insurance policies are complex documents. In order to resolve an insurance coverage dispute, it is important to consult with an experienced attorney who can carefully interpret the terms of the insurance policy and relate it to the events leading to the insurance claim.

After sustaining damages that led you to turn to your insurance only to be denied, your business may already be experiencing lean times. With traditional legal fee structures, this leaves businesses in a lose-lose situation – not addressing the dispute means eating costs that should be covered by insurance, but taking the dispute to court could cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

LaGarde Law Firm represents clients in insurance coverage disputes on a contingency fee basis. As payment, we receive a percentage of the settlement payout instead of charging an hourly fee. We only make money after winning the case, and you don’t pay anything until a settlement is reached and paid. In addition to our fee, we are also reimbursed for court costs and other expenses that we have incurred on the client’s behalf. With a contingency fee structure, it is the merit of your case, not the depth of your business’s pockets, that determines the outcome.

LaGarde Law Firm has represented many individuals and businesses in insurance policy disputes. To begin the process of resolving your dispute, contact us for a free, no-obligation legal evaluation.

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