If you have been injured in an offshore accident while working on an oil rig or a boat, it is important to choose an experienced and respected offshore injury lawyer to get you the money you deserve.  Here are some questions our clients often ask:

Why Should I Hire a Board Certified Personal Injury Lawyer for My Offshore Injury Case?

How Do I Choose the Right Offshore Injury Lawyer for My Case?

Richard LaGarde has over thirty-three years of successful experience representing hundreds of individuals in offshore injury and maritime injury cases. He has won large verdicts and settlements for his clients in cases involving oilfield injuries, offshore disasters, boat accidents, defective equipment, and other types of offshore injury claims.

What if I Was Injured Off the Coast of Louisiana by a Texas Company?


While most offshore and maritime injuries happen off the coast of Louisiana, offshore operators and drilling contractors are usually based in Texas.  As such, many oilfield workers are injured while working for companies based in Houston.

That means that you, the plaintiff, will often have the choice between two states in which to file your lawsuit. The law often varies greatly between Texas and Louisiana, so your choice can be important for your case. You should choose an attorney who understands the differences in the laws of both states and who is licensed to practice in both. Richard LaGarde practices law in both Texas and Louisiana and will be able to represent your interests in the state that is best for your case.

How Do I Pay for an Offshore Injury Lawyer?

Most offshore¬†and maritime injury lawyers, including ¬†attorney Richard LaGarde,¬†offer services on a ‚Äúno win, no fee‚ÄĚ basis also known as a ‚Äúcontingent fee‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúcontingency fee‚ÄĚ arrangement. ¬†For information on how a contingent fee works, watch this video:

What Types of Offshore Injury Lawsuits Have You Handled?

Attorney Richard LaGarde is board certified in both personal injury and civil trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.  That is an honor achieved by less than one-half of one percent of Texas lawyers.  He has helped  hundreds of clients in both Texas and Louisiana over the past thirty-three years in the following types of offshore and maritime injury lawsuits:

  • Jack-up rig accidents;
  • Semi-submersible rig injuries;
  • Defective offshore equipment;
  • Heavy lifting injuries;
  • Drill floor injuries;
  • Jones Act claims;
  • Fixed production platform injuries;
  • Work boat, crew boat, and tug boat injuries;
  • Helicopter crashes in the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea;
  • Rig explosions and fires in the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea;
  • Longshoremen’s & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act claims;
  • Slip and fall injuries on rigs and boats; and
  • Trip and fall injuries on rigs and boats.

Does It Cost Me Anything To Talk to One of Your Offshore Injury Lawyers?

No.  We offer free consultations.  If you have a question about your offshore or maritime injury case, call one of our Houston offshore and maritime injury lawyers today for a free no-obligation consultation.  Call us today at (713) 993-0660 or toll free at 1 (866) 524-2733 FREE.  If you prefer, fill out the Contact Us Form at the top of this page and we will send you a quick answer to your question.

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