GTECH Files Mandamus and Motion for Continuance

GTECH Corporation, (n/k/a IGT Global Solutions) has filed a Petition for Mandamus and a Motion for Continuance in the Fun 5’s lottery lawsuit pending in Austin, TX. A Petition for Mandamus is an action in which a party asks a court of appeals to overturn an order of the trial court. In this case, the […]

Sexual Assault Suit Against Norwegian Cruise Lines Settled

A cruise passenger filed a lawsuit in Florida federal court against Norwegian Cruise Lines. She alleged that she returned to her cabin and found a crewmember making her bed. He allegedly forced her to perform oral sex on him. As I wrote in a recent post, under maritime law, cruise lines are strictly liable for […]

Court Holds Hearing on GTECH’s No Evidence Motion for Partial Summary Judgment

The Honorable Amy Clark Meachum, judge of the 201st Judicial District Court in Austin, held a hearing today on GTECH’s No Evidence Motion for Partial Summary Judgment. GTECH Corporation (n/k/a IGT Global Solutions Corporation) was sued by hundreds of Texas Lottery players. The players allege that GTECH designed and printed instructions on the Fun 5’s […]

Fun 5’s Appeal Still Pending

The Texas Supreme Court has not yet rendered its decision in the appeal of GTECH, Inc. v. Steele et al. The plaintiffs in the case allege that GTECH proposed misleading language for, and printed the misleading language on, the Fun 5’s scratch-off tickets. Over one thousand lottery players were fooled into believing they would receive […]

Video of Oral Arguments Available

Today’s Supreme Court oral arguments in the Steele v. GTECH case and the companion Nettles v. GTECH case are available for viewing at the following link: Now that the Court has heard oral arguments, the Justices will begin to deliberate and prepare an opinion. Once the court arrives at a decision and issues its […]

Online Broadcast of Oral Arguments for Fun 5’s Lottery Case.

The Supreme Court of Texas will broadcast the oral arguments in Steele, et al v. GTECH which are scheduled for Tuesday, December 3, 2019, at 9:50 am CST. The broadcast should be carried live. If you cannot view the live broadcast, or if for some reason the live broadcast is not available, the Supreme Court […]

State of Texas Files Amicus Brief Against Its Own Lottery Players

The State of Texas filed an Amicus Brief yesterday in the Steele et al v. GTECH, Inc. case pending before the Texas Supreme Court. The Steele case is a lawsuit against the private company that operates the Texas lottery. Over 1,000 lottery players sued because they were led to believe by GTECH that they would […]

Lottery Lawsuit Lawyers Preparing for Oral Arguments

Lawyers for over 1,000 lottery players in Texas are preparing for a legal showdown with lawyers from an international gambling firm that operates the Texas Lottery. The legal fight involves misleading instructions printed by GTECH on the popular Fun 5’s scratch-off tickets sold by the Texas Lottery. The language chosen by GTECH represented that the […]

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