“Shark Tank” Star to be Deposed in Ponzi Scheme Case.

A Florida federal judge has ordered Mark Cuban, the billionaire star of “Shark Tank” and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, to be deposed in a proposed class action. The proposed lawsuit accuses Cuban of promoting an alleged Ponzi scheme by Voyager Digital Holdings, a cryptocurrency brokerage. Investors say the company conned them out of billions. I […]

Can an Invoice/Packing Slip Bind a Consumer to Arbitrate?

What happens if you order a product and the invoice/packing slip includes an arbitration agreement? Have you lost your right to a jury trial if there is a dispute about the product? According to the Houston 1st Court of Appeals, the answer is probably no. The case involves a consumer who purchased coins during a […]

Firm Wins Florida Breach of Contract Arbitration

LaGarde Law Firm won a $690,000 award for a client in a Florida arbitration action. Our client was an individual financial consultant. On the other side was a publicly traded financial technology (“FinTech”) company. Our client had a consulting contract with the company. The contract called for him to receive a stock warrant entitling him […]

Florida Arbitration Award Vacated Due to Deposition Texting

One of the side effects of the Covid pandemic is that attorneys have been forced to rely on remote depositions. In a normal deposition, both sides’ attorneys, the court reporter, and the witness are located in the same room. That makes it difficult for a third party to coach the witness or provide the witness […]

Partnership Disputes

We have received a number of calls from business people who feel that their business partners have cheated them, have taken business opportunities belonging to the business, or have stolen partnership money.  For information about the legal rights and duties you might have as a business partner, view our Partnership Disputes page on this website.

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