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  • If I am injured while on someone else’s property, can I receive compensation?

The facts of your case will determine whether or not your injury qualifies for compensation.

First, you must have suffered a significant injury — one that merits a lawsuit. If your injury caused you significant physical, financial and/or emotional distress, you may be able to receive compensation for it.

Second, your injury must have been caused by a lack of reasonable care on the part of the property owner. Generally, this means that the owner of the property should have known or did know about the dangerous condition that caused the injury. The best way to try and determine whether this is true is to consult a lawyer with extensive experience in these types of cases.

In both Texas and Louisiana, property owners must provide a reasonably safe environment for visitors and invited guests. This is true whether the property is a business, an amusement park, a private home or even a vacant lot.

At LaGarde Law, we have a strong record of obtaining both settlements and jury verdicts in dangerous premises cases. If you have been injured or made ill by unsafe conditions on someone else’s property, contact LaGarde Law today for a free evaluation of your case.

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