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  • What can I do if someone is spreading false information about my business?

If someone spreads false information about your business and, in so doing, causes losses to your business, you may be able to sue.

You may be able to make a claim for tortious interference. If someone willfully disseminated false information about your business in an effort to disrupt one or more business deals or relationships, you may be able to sue that person or entity for damages.

Another claim you may be able to make is for unfair competition. If the person or entity spreading false information is a competitor, and especially if those false claims appear in your competitor’s advertising, you may have legal means to put a halt to those activities and recover damages.

Even if neither of these cases describes your situation, a legal remedy may still be available to you. Contact a business litigation attorney for an evaluation of your case. At LaGarde Law, evaluations are always free and without obligation.

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