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The value of your personal injury case depends on several factors.

One of the most significant factors is the nature and extent of your injuries. In simple terms, a more extensive injury entitles you to more compensation. Several different aspects of your injury are taken into consideration. These considerations include the nature and cost of any medical treatment you received, including the length of any hospitalization. If you lost time from work or if your future earning potential has been affected, it is taken into account. These aspects and others combine to determine the money damages that you should receive in compensation.

The nature of the wrongful act that caused your injury is another important factor. The most common wrongful act in personal injury cases is simple negligence, meaning that another person or company caused your injury by failing to exercise due care. In these cases, you, the plaintiff, are compensated simply according to the extent of your injury. However, in other cases, the wrongful act may rise to a level where the legal system determines that the person or company that committed the act should be punished. In these cases, additional punitive damages may be available.

The value of each case depends on its particular circumstances, and the outcome of the legal process is never certain. Results can never be guaranteed, but when we consult with you about your case, we will tell you what we estimate the potential value of your case to be.

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