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When you are injured, it is important to write down every detail you can as soon as possible. Do not rely on your memory to recall important details. The four things you need to keep notes on are the accident itself, your injuries, your losses and your conversations.

The accident. Write down everything you can remember about the circumstances of the accident. This includes the time and date, the location, who you were with and what you were doing. Write down what you saw, heard and felt when the accident happened.

Your injuries. Make detailed daily notes of any pain, discomfort, anxiety, loss of sleep and other effects you feel. Share these notes with your doctor, and make careful notes about everything the doctor tells you. Do not be shy about voicing your concerns with your doctor and asking questions.

Your losses. Carefully track any direct expenses, such as medical fees, and other losses, such as inability to work, attend classes, go on vacation, or visit with friends and family.

Your conversations. In addition to your visits with medical professionals, take notes on your conversations with witnesses, insurance adjusters, and attorneys you consult with or hire.

Whether these notes are on paper or on a computer, make sure they are kept safe from loss or damage. If possible, keep a second copy of your notes separate from the original.

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