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  • What should I do if I am having trouble with a business insurance claim?

Insurance companies often look for reasons to deny business insurance claims or lowball the payment amount. Incomplete claims packages or bad-faith policy interpretation can contribute to these problems. The insurance companies themselves rarely provide much help in understanding exactly why a claim was handled a certain way.

Unfortunately, every day that a claim goes unpaid can create significant hardship for the business, the owners and the employees.

The fastest way to rectify this situation is to contact an experienced insurance claims attorney. Specialized attorneys know what the insurance adjusters need to see, and they can help create an effective claims package or a strong appeal.

No business owner should simply accept an unfair denial or lowball payment offer. Many insurance claims attorneys, like those at LaGarde Law, will work on contingency fees — meaning that the business owner need not pay up front, and has nothing to lose if the new claim is not successful.

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