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Sometimes clients are concerned because they do not know who is at fault for their injury, that multiple parties may be at fault, or that they themselves may be partially at fault. The attorneys at LaGarde Law Firm have extensive experience with such matters, and we can sort out the issue of fault, likely in such a way that you will still be entitled to compensation.

In some cases, it may be obvious who is at fault (for instance, if another driver negligently crashes into your vehicle and you did nothing wrong). In other situations, fault may be unclear (for instance, in a workplace accident where something went wrong and you suffered an injury, but it is not obvious whether your employer failed to follow proper procedure, there was an equipment failure, or some other set of circumstances caused the accident).

Whatever the situation may be, you can rest assured that we will find the party or parties at fault. The legal process is designed to do just that. The discovery process helps us determine the facts of the situation, and it may lead us to additional defendants.

If you are concerned that you may also be partially at fault for the accident, you should be aware that this is not a complete barrier to obtaining compensation. In many cases, the defendant can still be found liable to the degree that the defendant’s negligence caused your injury. If this is a factor in your case, it is something that we will examine closely as part of our legal analysis.

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