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Whether or not you have a case depends on the particular circumstances of your situation.

In evaluating a potential personal injury lawsuit, such as an auto accident, oil rig injury or other type of accident, the nature and extent of your injuries must be considered first. Injuries that result in pain and suffering, require medical treatment or necessitate time off from work may be serious enough to warrant a lawsuit.

For a personal injury lawsuit to be tenable, it is essential that another party is at least partially at fault for your injury. Our attorneys will examine this issue closely. Even in situations where you believe that you yourself are partially at fault, you may still have a case. Both Texas law and Louisiana law permit a finding of liability even if the plaintiff is partially at fault. In other situations, it may seem that no one is at fault. However, when an accident occurs, by definition, something went wrong. Negligence may arise from manufacturing defects, improper maintenance of equipment, improper training of personnel and from many other causes.

When an attorney with LaGarde Law Firm meets with you to discuss your situation, we will review all of these factors and tell you what to expect. We have decades of experience in personal injury law, and we know the elements that contribute to a winnable case. We do not receive a fee unless we obtain a favorable verdict or settlement for you, so you can be sure that we are motivated to fight for the compensation you deserve.

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