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Tesla Only 1% to Blame for Crash and Fire

A Florida jury found that Tesla was only 1% to blame for a crash and battery fire of a Tesla Model S that took the lives of an 18 year old and his friend. The teen was driving 116 mph in a curve with a speed limit of 25 mph when he lost control and crashed. A battery fire engulfed the car resulting in the death of the two teens.

The teen driver had a history of driving fast and had been ticketed for driving 112 mph two months earlier. His father asked Tesla to place a speed limiter on the vehicle so the teen could not go faster than 85 mph. During servicing of the car, Tesla removed the speed limiter without informing the father.

The jury found that Tesla was negligent but placed 99% of the blame on the speeding teen driver and his father.

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Disclaimer: Each case is unique and the law varies from state-to-state. The information in this article is for educational purposes only. This article is not meant to provide individualized legal advice for your specific case.

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