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Lottery Lawsuit Lawyers Preparing for Oral Arguments

Lawyers for over 1,000 lottery players in Texas are preparing for a legal showdown with lawyers from an international gambling firm that operates the Texas Lottery.

The legal fight involves misleading instructions printed by GTECH on the popular Fun 5’s scratch-off tickets sold by the Texas Lottery. The language chosen by GTECH represented that the players would win five times the prize amount if their tickets revealed a Money Bag symbol. In fact, a majority of the tickets with a Money Bag symbol were designed to be losing tickets.

GTECH claims that it is immune from suit because it was acting as a government contractor. The players contend that GTECH is not entitled to immunity because it was GTECH, not the government, that chose the misleading language.

The Texas Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on the case in Austin on December 3, 2019. A video of the oral arguments will be made available to the general public immediately after the arguments take place.

If you are interested in fully understanding the arguments that are going to be made on behalf of both sides before you watch the video of the oral arguments in December, here are links to the briefs filed with the Supreme Court:

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