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GTECH Files Brief on the Merits in Fun 5’s Appeal

GTECH filed a 157 page brief on the merits in the Steele et. al v. GTECH, Inc. lawsuit pending in the Texas Supreme Court.  In its brief, GTECH argues that the Supreme Court should grant GTECH’s petition for review.  GTECH wants the Supreme Court to overturn the Austin Court of Appeals’ decision that allowed approximately 1,000 Texas lottery players to sue GTECH for common law fraud.  The plaintiffs in the Steele case allege that GTECH printed misleading and deceptive instructions on the Fun 5’s lottery scratch-off tickets.  Details of GTECH’s argument can be found here in Petitioner’s Brief on the Merits.

In a companion case, consumer advocate Dawn Nettles filed her brief on the merits in Nettles v. GTECH, Inc. today as well.  In her brief, Ms. Nettles argues that the Dallas Court of Appeals was wrong when it ruled that GTECH cannot be sued for fraud.  Ms. Nettles’ brief can be read here in Nettles’ Brief on the Merits.

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