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GTECH Skips Motion for Rehearing in Fun 5’s Case

GTECH, now known by the trade name IGT, has apparently decided to skip filing a motion for rehearing or a motion for rehearing en banc in the Austin Court of Appeals.  A three-judge panel of that court issued an opinion in the Steele v. GTECH lawsuit on January 11, 2018.  In its opinion, the Austin court rejected GTECH’s contention that it should have immunity from suit for common-law fraud.

The lawsuit against GTECH was filed by over 1,000 lottery players.  The players contend that GTECH knowingly printed deceptive and misleading instructions on the Fun 5’s scratch-off lottery tickets that caused them to believe that they would win five times the amount in the prize box if their tickets revealed a Money Bag symbol.

GTECH has forty-five (45) days from January 11th to file a Petition for Review in the Texas Supreme Court (TRAP 53.7(1)).  That puts their deadline at February 26, 2018.  Again, remember that the appellate courts often grant requests for extensions of time if the appellate attorney for the party filing a Petition for Review shows a good reason that he or she needs more time.

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