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Texas Lottery Operator GTECH Accused of Fraud

GTECH Corporation, the operator of the Texas Lottery, has been accused of fraud by nearly 1,000 lottery players. ¬†The players, all of whom purchased¬†Texas Lottery Fun 5’s¬†scratch-off tickets, have sued GTECH in state district court in Austin. ¬†The instructions printed by GTECH on each¬†Fun 5’s ticket indicated that if the ticket revealed a Money Bag symbol, the player would win five times the amount in the prize box. ¬†In their 2nd Amended Petition filed today, the players allege that the ticket¬†language was crafted by GTECH at a time when the parameters of the game provided for¬†100% of the tickets that revealed¬†a Money Bag symbol to¬†be winners. ¬†The players allege that GTECH changed the parameters of the game to make a significant percentage of those tickets losers but did not also change the original ticket language to make it clear that not every ticket with a Money Bag symbol would be a winner. ¬†The players allege that GTECH’s decision to use the misleading language was fraudulent and misled them into believing they¬†had purchased¬†winning tickets. ¬†The lawsuit seeks nearly $480 million in damages which is the amount that would have been paid to the players had their tickets not been programmed to be losing tickets. ¬†Click here to read the players’¬†2nd Amended Petition¬†and the list of Plaintiffs in¬†Exhibit A to the petition.

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