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What constitutes a breach of contract?

“Breach of contract” simply means that one party to the agreement (or both) , without a legally-recognized excuse,

  • broke the agreement in some way,
  • refused to recognize the agreement,
  • or acted in a way inconsistent with the existence of the agreement.

Not all breaches are the same or entitle the innocent party to the same legal remedy. Some breaches are considered “material.” A material breach occurs when a party breaks the contract in a way that deprives the innocent party of something vital to the purpose of the contract.

On the other hand, some breaches are not “material” in that the violation is of a term not vital to the primary purpose of the contract. The innocent party’s legal options are different depending on whether or not the breach is material.

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Disclaimer: Each case is unique, and the law varies from state-to-state. The information in this article is for educational purposes only. This article is not meant to provide individualized legal advice for your specific case.

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