If you have a partnership dispute with your business partner in Texas, Florida, or Louisiana, the LaGarde Law Firm may be able to help you with contingent fee representation.  For an explanation of how a contingent fee legal arrangement works, watch the Contingency Fee Video on this website.

Some of the common partnership disputes we have handled for our clients include the following:

Breach of Contract

If your partner made an agreement with you, whether written or oral, you may have a right to enforce that agreement.  For details on what it takes to win a contract case against your partner, read the Breach of Contract page on this website.


If your partner made a representation to you but the representation was false or misleading, you may be able to recover damages from your partner for fraud.  For an explanation of what it takes to win a fraud case against your partner, view the Fraud page on this website.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Partners owe one another a “fiduciary” duty.  In other words, partners owe one another a duty of loyalty.  A partner should not act in a way that enriches himself to the exclusion of his or her partner.  If your business partner has failed to exercise good faith, honesty, and fairness in his or her dealings with you, you may have a claim for breach of the partnership fiduciary duty.  Examples of breaches of fiduciary duty by partners include:

  • A partner who enriches himself at the expense of the partnership;
  • A partner who puts his own personal interest ahead of the interest of the partnership;
  • A partner who engages in self-dealing;
  • A partner who starts a business to compete with the partnership;
  • A partner who steals or embezzles money from the partnership;
  • A partner who does not account for the partnership’s profits; and,
  • A partner who diverts business opportunities to himself instead of the partnership;

If your partner has cheated you or done any of these acts, you may have a claim for breach of fiduciary duty.

LaGarde Law Firm stands ready to help answer questions you may have about your partnership dispute.  Contact us in Houston at (713) 993-0660 or in Naples, Florida at (239) 500-6040, or toll free at 1-866-LAGARDE (1-866-524-2733) for a free case evaluation.



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