Over the past 30 plus years, Houston personal injury attorney Richard LaGarde has successfully represented many victims of brain injuries in both Texas and Louisiana.  Mr. LaGarde is board certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in both Civil Trial and Personal Injury Trial law, a distinction achieved by less than 1/2 of 1% of Texas attorneys.  Below are answers to some frequently asked questions.  By clicking on the + symbols, you can get Mr. LaGarde’s answers to those questions.

Brain Injury FAQs


Q: What are 3 tips for a successful brain injury lawsuit?


A: The first tip for a successful brain injury lawsuit.

A: The second tip for a successful brain injury lawsuit.
A: The third tip for a successful brain injury lawsuit.


Q: How much will a brain injury lawsuit cost me?


A: It doesn't cost you anything to talk with me about your case
A: We handle brain injury cases on a contingent fee basis.


Do I have a brain injury?


A: Here are the signs and symptoms of a brain injury.

Q: Why are brain injuries called the “silent epidemic?


A: Traumatic brain injuries are much more common that we realize.

Q: What is my brain injury case worth?


A: The value of a case depends on these factors.


Q:  Will my case need to go to trial?


A: The odds are you will not need to go to trial.

Q:  What sort of accidents result in a brain injury lawsuit?


A: Here are the types of accidents that we have seen result in brain injury lawsuits.



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